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Solar Panel

Best Gaushala in Haryana – We Baba Mukund das Gaushala, support green energy initiative. Solar power is the key to a clean energy future. Every day, the sun gives off far more energy than we need to power every¬thing on earth.

The most commonly known fact about solar energy is that it represents a clean, green source of energy. Solar power is a great way to reduce your carbon footprint. There’s nothing about solar power that pollutes mother nature. Solar power doesn’t release any greenhouse gasses, and except for needing a source of clean water to function, it uses absolutely no other resources. Hence, it’s safe and environmentally-friendly. Yet, people are still in doubt why solar energy is good. Solar power is self-sufficient and installing solar panels on your roof is a safe and easy path to contribute to a sustainable future. Starting on your home is a great way to show you care about the environment.

Solar Energy Benefits-

  • Renewable: Solar panels produce electricity by trans¬forming the continuous flow of energy from the sun to electricity. CO₂-free: No harmful emissions are released into the air when electricity is produced by solar panels. Low operating cost: The photo¬voltaic process that trans¬forms sunlight into electricity doesn’t require any fuel and has no variable costs.
  • We Baba Mukund das Gaushala, support green energy initiative, we are using solar power panel as a backup power source. We have one solar panel unit installed. This power backup remains available for lighting gaushala in case of an emergency power cut.
  • In near future we are planning for more solar power panels to be installed.