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About Us

Saving a cow is saving your culture!

“लक्ष्मीश्च गोमये नित्यं पवित्रा सर्व मंगला|” “Lakshmish Gomaye Nityam Pavitra Sarva Mangala”

Meaning – “गाय के गोबर और गौमूत्र में पवित्र सर्व मंगलमयी श्री लक्ष्मी जी का निवास है, जिसका अर्थ यह है कि गोबर और गौमूत्र में सारी धन-सम्पदा समायी हुई है|”

A rehabilitation centre for cows that not just promises their health but also offers an effective solution to restore humanity.

Cows have been an important part of the Indian tradition and so they have been to us. At Baba Mukund Das Gaushala, it is our sole priority to enhance the lives of stray and old cows by uplifting their living conditions. From healthy fodder to a protective shelter, cows at Baba Mukund Das Gaushala are safe from any unforeseen circumstances.

We started in the year 2005 with 51 Gauvansh (cows) at Naangal Choudhary, Haryana. By enduring their lives from these many years, we have been actively contributing towards humanitarian purposes of animal protection by holding a shelter for around 3000+ cows now. Our Gaushala has been running with ample support from our donors who have helped us secure a life for the needy cows with healthy fodder, shelter, and medical care. In the coming future, we tend to expand the boundaries of our existing Gaushala in order to help a larger number of cows find shelter. We look forward to doing so with thorough support from our existing donors and several other willing donors, proudly contributing in saving the lives of the needy cows.

Let us join hands in saving our tradition, let us save the life of our holy Cows.


Our Gaushala is home for several healthy cows. With an environment conducive to effective productivity, we have been successful in retaining a healthy environment for the cows. At our Gaushala, we protect, feed, and provide shelter to ailing, starving and ageing stray desi cows who are abandoned by their owners. Our shelter not only saves them from the heinous butchering activities but also strives for a non-economic life for them.

Every year we have been conducting the following activities that leads to a prolific environment for the cows in our shelter:

Gaushala Annual Festival

On 28th of February every year we celebrate the Annual Gaushala Festival which acts as a symbol of joy and bloom not only for our Cows but also for everyone associated with our centre directly or indirectly. This Annual Festival lets you assess our different achievements and further lay new milestones for us to achieve.


It is a festival celebrated every year in the Hindu culture that specifically emphasises the worship of Cows. According to Hindu scriptures, cows have been synonymously used with mothers as a symbol of devotion. It is believed that Godhaan (paying tribute to cow wealth) on Gopashtami works as an impetus to the life of an individual. On this very day, Lord Krishna took his first step to herd the cows and saved several cows from the heavy rains flooding the areas of Govardhan.

Our way forward

We are a group that prioritizes the value of culture and tradition at the forefront. We believe that saving a cow is saving our tradition for the future and that is why we have been relentlessly working towards building a safe shelter for stray and old cows. We are fortunate to have been aided by several holy donations that make our vision of humanity a living success. It has worked miraculously in taking care of the injured, sick and stray cows and bulls and also in nourishing the everyday lives of all the animals in our shelter. In the coming years, we aim to expand our boundaries in saving many more animal lives that not just confirms as an act of empathy but also carries forward the legacy of our rich culture and tradition. Some of the steps that we have taken so far have resulted in providing shelter for more than 3000+ cows which is an astounding number compared to our initial shelter with just 51 Cows.

What makes us different?

Non-economic motive

Our rehabilitation centre strictly prohibits the use of any of our cows for any commercial purposes. We aim to serve without any hidden terms and conditions. At our Gaushala, there is no profit-making motive from our side which makes it safer for the cows in our shelter to sustain a safe life.

Regulated medical care

Since we do not believe in making any commercial profits therefore we do not emphasise the role of unnecessary supplements. We ensure that a cow gets the best medical care only at regular intervals which supports their growth naturally.

Health and hygiene

With the high risk of unforeseen health pandemics these days, we do not let the health of our cows suffer. We maintain the hygiene of our shelter by daily cleaning with disinfectants and letting in ample sunlight in each corner of our shelter.

Vaccination Drives

We care for our cows like you care for your children. We make sure that each our cow is vaccinated by the right number of doses from time to time in order to boost their immunity to fight with any unforeseen foreign ailment.

Separated wards

At our Gaushala, we house a number of cows, bulls (Nandi Ji) and calves and each of them is to be kept in separate wards.

An eye for an eye

A remarkable milestone that we have laid is by serving blind cows and calves in our shelter. These animals are born with this unfortunate mishappening, but we make sure that they are free from any unforeseen difficulties in the future by serving them with extra care. These animals receive a customized treatment in our Gaushala where they are hand-fed by our helpers every day.

Become a volunteer and represent culture.

Baba Mukund Das Rehabilitation Centre is run by volunteers from across several nearby villages of block Nangal Choudhary. They form the committee at our Gaushala. These volunteers are the flag bearers of our rich culture and tradition. You can choose to become a volunteer today!

Our Promise

That every donation that is made is used for the purpose you have donated for.

Your donation will be used to uplift the condition of our cows to inspire more and more people to work for the holy cause.


In the year 2005, We started Gaushala with 51 cows by giving them shelter and fodder as per our capability.

At present we are giving shelter fodder and medical facilities to around 3000+ cows (Including Nandi ji /Bulls).