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Bread masher / रोटी चूरमा मशीन

Baba Mukund das Gaushala is the best Gaushala in India and we serves around 3000 cows and this is all possible due to your continuous support. Our Volunteers are our real Hero.

Baba Mukund das Gaushala (Nangal Choudhary, Haryana) welcomes creative Ideas. We started to collect remaining food waste and vegetables residuals from nearby house kitchens from villages. Soon our collection of food residuals were more than our expectations. We realized collected Bread /Roti are hard to chew for cows. We started thinking and soon we drafted idea. A machine that will help us in this task so that Roti tear-down in pieces.

This is Gaushala’s own developed Bread Mash machine, used to copp Bread / Roti which we collect from neighboring villages. We have 3 Pick-up cars which visit nearby villages to collect Chapati /Bread. Our Daily collection of food grains is around 20 Quintal which full fill daily grain feed requirement for cows and Nandi ji (Bulls).For Milking cows Separate Mixed Grain feed is prepared by boiling to complete their daily needs.