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Donation for cows is superior among all donations. Cows are supreme and holy.

The Mahabharata says,

दानानामपि सर्वेषां गवां दानं प्रशस्यते ।

गावः श्रेष्ठाः पवित्राश्च पावनं ह्येतदुत्तमम् ॥ (Mahabharata, Anushasana Parva 83-3)

गोदान अन्य दानों से श्रेष्ठ है । गायें सर्वोच्च और पवित्र हैं ।।

We ensure ample protection and care for lifetime when you admit a Cow under our Gaushala by taking care of their feed, care and required medicines. The cow(s) you adopt will be tagged under your name tag and a half-yearly medical assessment of your adopted cow(s) will be shared by us who are taken care of thoroughly. You can further adorn these adoptions with Gau Pooja performed thoroughly under our Gaushala priest that not only lets positivism work for you but it also motivates fellow donors to adopt and enhance the life of these needy cows. Every cow, calf, ox or bull is strictly kept under our supervision so that there could be zero chances of any commercial risk occurring to them.

With the rising stress in our day to day lives the idea of peace looks like a distant dream. But this distant dream can be tapped easily when you have the will to do so. Choose to live peacefully when you donate and serve for the needy cows. It not only satiates your mind but it is also known to be an important factor to restore that lost peace and prosperity in your life. It is believed that a Gau Daan helps the donor to easily cross the Vaitarni river after death, making him get rid of all his sins and bad karma. Strive to attain Moksha after your life and attain forgiveness under the almighty by performing the holy act of Gau Daan.

The importance of the cow in bringing fulfilment to our life is exceptionally simple. In Indian Vedic scriptures, cow is given the place of holy mother.

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