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Our Custodian

Our Custodians are our mentors. We always get our directive from them to move towards a successful venture to serve Gaumata. This all helped us to develop over all gaushala infrastructure.

Today Our gaushala have Vermi-compost / Kenchua Khaad production plant. Apart from this we have Go-kastha (Cow dung wood /stick) production plant and raw cow dung production plant.

Late Baijnath Choudhary

Founder-Anmol Industries

(18/12/2005 - 5/8/2019)

Late Shree Baijnath Choudhary raised a hand to help our gaushala. They had a clear vision to contribute to society and Gaumata. He helped us to set a process flow and maintain our day to day expenditures in initial tough time. We are a non-profit organization. We always remain dependent on our donors. He helped gaushala to be independent Gaushala. Our Success story started with them. We started our Gaushala with 51 cows and now serving more than 3000 cows daily. This all become possible with their directives.

Gobind Ram Choudhary

Chief custodian

Managing Director at Anmol Industries Ltd, Noida

After Late Shree Baijnath Choudhary now Baton from Anmol industries is with Mr. Gobind Ram Choudhary. Continuous efforts of Mr. Gobind Ram helped gaushala to take initiatives to move towards becoming independent gaushala.

Co-custodian Board