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Green Fooder

What is green fodder?

Green fodder is actually any type of feed that is made from green crops like legume crops, cereal crops, grass crops or even tree based crops. It provides natural way of nutrients for the animals and plays major role in livestock health and overall growth.

Green fodder production is very important for raising livestock animals. Green fodder actually plays a major role in feed of the milch animals. This type of fodder provides required nutrients for milk production and also health of the dairy animals.

Green fodder production in our own land will not only save money, but also will help us to keep our cows healthy and productive.

Baba Mukund Das Gaushala have around 5 Acres of land which is especially cultivated for fresh green and organic fodder to cows. The fodder sources from these areas are free from any harmful chemicals and pesticides.Our donors also donate green feed for cows which is a favorite feed for cows.