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Message From Gaushala Pradhan

“यया सर्वमिदं व्याप्तं जगत् स्थावरजङ्गमम्।

तां धेनुं शिरसा वन्दे भूतभव्यस्य मातरम्॥”

अनुवाद = जिसने समस्त चराचर जगत् को व्याप्त कर रखा है, उस भूत और भविष्य की जननी गौ माता को मैं मस्तक झुका कर प्रणाम करता हूं॥ जय गौमाता की!

Gau Seva is an integral aspect of our Vedic heritage and culture. In our country, cows are not only protected but also revered and worshipped. Our Vedic scriptures state that all the devatas reside in a cow’s body. Hence, the cow is considered to be divine and regarded as a mother. Ancient Indian Sanathana Dharma based on Vedic Philosophy profoundly declares human society can achieve extraordinary strength and stable collective mind (physical and spiritual) by doing Gau (Cow) Seva. Gau Seva is the accessible, simple, scientific and best means to attain dharma, artha, kama, moksha. Gau, Ganga, Gayatri, Gita are the four pillars of Indian culture, on which the culture rests. It has been proved by the study, contemplation, meditation of vedas, scriptures, puranas, mahabharata, gita etc. that –

  • Gau Mata is the center of our supreme reverence.
  • It is the cornerstone of Indian culture.
  • Gau Mata is omnipresent.
  • The source of devotion, liberation and power is cow service.
Gau Mata is an example of selflessness. She renders many valuable services to human civilization, and protecting her is a practical means to benefit society. Let us all oath to protect them, treat them in a friendly manner. Love for cow is love for the country, love for our culture & values. Cow protection is our ultimate religion. Respecting cow mother will be the honor of Mother India. We request you all devotees to join hands with us in this holy cause for Gau Seva. We urge you to participate in this noble cause of nature by donating with your great heart.