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Medicine Unit

Healthcare facilities are not only necessary for human but also animals need them. We have a dispensary where we keep all necessary medicines. We need continuous support to serve mother cow.

Best Gaushala – Baba Mukund das gaushala keeps old and sick cows in separate wards for extra care. Our Gaushala doctor remain available for immediate medical support. Visiting doctor visit each and every ward /shelter for medical heath review every day.

We care for our cows like you care for your children. We make sure that each our cow is vaccinated by the right number of doses from time to time in order to boost their immunity to fight with any unforeseen foreign ailment. We are facilitated by Vet doctors from Govt Hospital Nangal Choudhary as well to run vaccination drive.

All Shelters are sanitized in 3/6 months interval, which keeps widespread diseases.

  • Separate Ward for Old and Sick cows
  • Regulated medical care.
  • Health and hygiene environment.
  • Vaccination Drives